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The Desi Diet Hack: Is Pickle Good for Weight Loss?

In the diverse tapestry of Indian cuisine, pickles have ruled as a cherished and indispensable part of its culinary tradition. These tangy, spicy, and sometimes sweet condiments come in a myriad of flavours. From fiery South Indian avakai to mouthwatering Punjabi achar and the subtle flavours of Gujarati chhundo, pickles are more than just a side dish; they are an embodiment of our cultural heritage.

But while pickles are famous for their ability to elevate the simplest of meals, a question often lingers in the minds of health-conscious individuals – is pickle good for weight loss?

In this blog, we will delve deep into the heart of Indian cuisine and its age-old love affair with pickles. We aim to unravel the mystery surrounding the role of pickles in weight loss, addressing pertinent queries, misconceptions, and considerations.

Are you a pickle lover or someone seeking to shed those extra pounds? Join us on this culinary and nutritional journey to uncover this truth. Learn about whether pickles can be your ally in your quest for a healthier, slimmer you.

So, tighten your seatbelts, because we’re about to unravel a pickle-weight loss connection like never before! Two Brothers invite you to embark on a flavourful exploration of the potential benefits and considerations of including pickles in your weight loss journey.

Understanding Pickles in the Indian Diet

Achar, or pickles, can be quite simple and made using seasonal ingredients. Indian people have access to a wide variety of pickles- lime, chilli, gooseberry, and more. However, there’s one pickle that holds a special place in every Indian’s heart- mango pickle – the most famous of them all.

Mango pickle is a staple that accompanies every meal in India. It’s a trusted companion, especially when relishing India’s beloved rice dish, Hyderabadi biryani. It’s customary to have a small piece of pickle with every bite of food in Indian tradition.

Some folks even enjoy mixing a bit of pickle, especially the oil, with plain rice. No matter how you choose to enjoy your pickles, the real delight lies in blending those tangy and spicy flavours with whatever’s on your plate. So, how is pickle good for weight loss? Let’s understand by discussing the nutritional value of pickles first.

Nutritional Value of Pickles

Like most vegetables, pickles are primarily composed of water and contain minimal amounts of fat or protein. Additionally, due to the presence of a salty brine, pickles have a concentrated amount of vitamins.

The pickle’s calories can vary depending on their type. Know how many calories in a pickle are there and how is pickle good for weight loss:

Nutrient per 100 gm of Pickle Daily Value (%) Health Benefits
Vitamin K 20% It is essential for blood clotting and maintaining strong bones.
Calcium 6% Adults need it for healthy bones, nerves, and teeth.
Vitamin C 3-4% It provides Vitamin C requirements that function as an antioxidant. It safeguards your cells from damage.
Potassium 2% Supports proper nerve function.
Vitamin A 1% It is vital for vision and promotes a robust immune system, especially during pregnancy.

With so many essential nutrients, pickles offer more than just tantalising taste. This delectable staple boasts the goodness of many nutrients that are beneficial for your health. Let’s see the benefits of eating pickles and know-how is pickles good for weight loss.

How Do Pickles Aid In Weight Loss?

Here are 5 ways how pickles help in weight loss :

1. Low-Calorie Option

If you are trying to stay in shape, then one crucial aspect of it is to watch your calories. Calories, especially the unhealthy ones from junk food or oily food, can add unnecessary weight and nullify your progress and efforts. If you are someone who enjoys eating spicy snacks, try a variety of pickles! You can try a host of flavours- aam. Kul, Green Chilli, Lemon, and more from Two Brothers.

You can see how is pickle good for weight loss when you know its calorie content. You get only 12 calories per serving. They make your food taste good without adding any extra carbs to your body. Pickle is good for weight loss as it helps secrete enzymes that churn metabolism. Try the classic Raw Mango Pickle. It is versatile and goes with multiple Indian dishes, like dal and curry.

Being low in calories, pickles are a great snack option. Dip your papad or roti in a bowl of aam ka achar or enjoy kul achar on a wintery evening without affecting your weight!

Pickles are so versatile you can try them with both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. At Two Brothers Organic Farms, you get varieties of pickles that blend really well with all types of Indian cuisine. Feel the tangy and spicy notes tingle your taste buds with Imli Pickle. Try it with curd rice or if you eat meat, then with your chicken dishes as well!

2. Fermentation Factor

Fermented foods, like pickles, are essentially probiotic powerhouses, brimming with beneficial bacteria that can promote the well-being of your gastrointestinal microbiome and support your gut flora. Opt for fermented pickles over vinegar-pickled varieties, as Indian pickles commonly undergo lactose fermentation. Let’s see a few advantages of lacto-fermentation.

  • One notable characteristic is the distinctive tangy flavour that it attributes to the salt content in the brine.
  • Regular consumption of these probiotic-rich delights can strengthen your immune system.
  • Primary advantage of pickles lies in the presence of beneficial bacteria.Pickles come from brine, a mixture of water and salt, or an acid like vinegar. Fermented brine houses these beneficial bacteria, which have the potential to enhance health.

Note: Not all brines undergo the fermentation process.

3. Probiotic Benefits

Remember how our grandmothers made pickles and stored them in barani? That was to ferment those pickles. Fermentation allows the growth of healthy bacteria that aid in digestion. It also lowers the pH level in your colon, which makes your metabolism faster. Let’s understand some more ways why is pickle good for weight loss.

Natural probiotics neutralises harmful bacteria by replacing them with beneficial ones. All of this boosts your immune system. Add the Spicy Green Chilli Pickle to your daily food habits to enjoy not only exquisite taste but also probiotic goodness.

These are living microorganisms that can lose their ability to survive due to compromised packaging or during storage. Nevertheless, homemade pickles naturally contain probiotics.

4. Fibre Boosting Food

Apart from being nutrient-rich, pickles are remarkably low in calories. Spices found in pickles also play a role in breaking down fats within your body. Furthermore, fermented foods offer a valuable source of dietary fiber, which promotes a prolonged feeling of fullness, aiding in weight loss.

When you are in a calorie deficit, you struggle to bid farewell to your beloved foods. Diets often consist of uninspiring meals that hardly bring joy. Incorporating pickles like Spicy Mango Pickle into your dietary regimen not only supports your weight loss journey but also infuses zest and excitement into otherwise mundane and healthy dishes.

For individuals managing diabetes, pickles are a healthy addition to their diet. With their low calorie and carbohydrate content, pickles contribute to the reduction of  HbA1c levels in the bloodstream, leading to improved blood sugar control.

Try another mouth-watering option- Lemon Pickle from Two Brothers today!

Not only is pickle good for weight loss, but it also helps your digestion. Ingredients such as ginger, garlic, and asafoetida not only enhance flavour but also possess digestive enzyme properties. It helps to process and digest your foods and the pickles better. It helps the existing digestive enzymes improve your digestive functions.

Additionally, pickles crafted from fibre-rich vegetables may encourage regular bowel movements and contribute to a healthy digestive system that controls appetite.

Is pickle good for weight loss if it can curb appetite? Curbing your appetite is one of the many ways you can lose weight. Pickles maintain your blood sugar making it easier to manage your weight and control cravings. Moreover, if you’re consuming pickle juice, its probiotic advantages, digestion and metabolism enhancing properties could certainly contribute to your weight loss efforts.

In Indian households, it is customary to enjoy amla pickle as an appetiser before the main course. Try the Spicy Amla Achaar today!

Amla improves metabolism and fat burning, primarily due to its high vitamin C content. Additionally, amla promotes a sense of fullness and, consequently, aids in weight loss.

5. Detoxification Of The Body

Another way to answer the question “Is pickle good for weight loss?” lies in understanding its detoxifying benefits. Buy the Haldi Root Organic Lemon Pickle to benefit from its antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

Turmeric boosts your immune system and detoxifies your body by improving blood circulation. Maintain a healthy digestive tract.

The benefits of pickles extend far beyond their nutritional capacity. With a healthy diet and the right dose of nutrients, your body stays healthy while ensuring healthier skin and a better mood too.


Can eating pickles help you lose weight?

Yes, consuming pickles can aid weight loss. Their low-calorie content and potential to stabilise blood sugar levels may curb appetite, while probiotics in fermented pickles can support digestion and metabolism.

Are there any pickles that are better for weight loss than others?

Choose low-sodium, and fermented pickles with minimal added sugars for healthier options. Select the best options from Two Brothers.

How much pickle can you eat in a day if you’re trying to lose weight?

Eating two servings of pickles per day is ideal. Do not overeat pickles, as they can cause adverse health effects like kidney conditions. Avoid them altogether if you have high blood pressure or high sodium content.

Do pickles have any negative effects on weight loss?

Salt in pickles might lead to water retention. So, always consume the correct quantity, for instance, 1 tablespoon of pickles with your staple foods. In that way you can maintain your weight.

Can people with high blood pressure include pickles in their weight loss diet?

It is better to avoid pickles if you have high blood pressure. If you are on medication, avoid it at all costs. If you want to eat, then consult your medical expert.


Pickles in Indian cuisine are a surprising ally in the quest for weight loss. Their low-calorie content, stabilising effect on blood sugar, and probiotic properties make them a valuable addition to a balanced diet. From curbing appetite to enhancing metabolism, pickles offer a fusion of taste and health benefits.

So, next time you reach for that pickle jar, it is doing more than just adding flavour.  So, now you know the answer to this question – is pickle good for weight loss? Why wait? Add it to your pantry now! Embrace the tangy, spicy, and probiotic goodness. Two Brothers Organic Farms welcomes you to explore their organic pickle selection. Savour the benefits of pickles – from curbing appetite to enhancing metabolism!

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