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What Are The Facts You Must Be Aware Of Regarding Transgender Breast Implants?

Over 25 million individuals are recognized as transgender worldwide in today’s generation, over. Since 2020, 4,000+ gender affirmation surgeries have taken place in the U.S. And do you know which surgery is taking place at a massive rate? Undoubtedly, MTF (male to female) transgender breast implants or augmentation surgery holds the highest number.

Breast implant for transgender is on the top list. There are individuals who undergo the surgery but are still not aware of the facts behind it. This physical transformation surgery has many crucial facts that the individual undergoing it should be aware of. Let’s check out the facts in detail.

  1. Patients Already Have Breasts Before The Surgery

It is a general process where a surgeon advises a transgender patient to undergo hormone replacement therapy before breast implantation. So, the patient has to stick to their prescribed hormone regime for around 18 months. As they proceed, they will notice significant changes in their body.

Their physical appearance will start becoming more feminine than before. The hormone therapy will start working incredibly, which will let the body hair fall out. Also, the patient will notice fat tissue developing in the breast area. At the end of 18 months, their breasts will reach A or B cup. Then, the breast implant for transgender is done to enlarge the breast area.

  1. Transgender Breast Implant Surgery Is Different From Breast Augmentation Surgery in Women

You may believe this or not, but the breast implantation process for transgender and augmentation in women has a slight difference. As mentioned earlier, transgender patients have to undergo hormone replacement therapy. However, both transgender and women want to increase their breast size to get more feminine upper body contour. Both patients prefer to choose implant type, and silicone remains the popular choice.

  1. Scarring And Incision Points Are Different in Transgender Patients

Although you may find certain similarities between female and transgender breast implants, there is one fundamental difference that is important to note, i.e., generally, the female has larger nipples compared to male nipples. This is why it becomes significantly more challenging to perform an areola incision during the surgery of a breast implant for transgender.

  1. Some Places Have Age Restriction For Breast Implants

Surgeons do not easily consider or make a patient automatically eligible for surgery. This is because some restrictions are applied. Below are the following restrictions;

  • The patient needs to be 18 years or older to undergo breast implant surgery.
  • The patient should also undertake female hormone therapy for at least 18 months of duration.
  • The patient needs to submit a letter of recommendation from their psychologist or from a certified mental health practitioner.
  • The patient should not be a recent or current smoker.
  • The patient also should live in a female gender role for two years before the surgery.
  • Before the breast implant surgery, the patient should be fit physically and also have practical expectations regarding the surgery outcome.

Final Words

These are the major facts every transgender patient must be aware of before opting for a breast implant for transgender. Being unaware of these facts can result in making the wrong decision. Also, make sure to find a professional and certified surgeon with years of practice. If you are ready for the surgery, get in touch with Barrett Plastic Surgery to know about it.

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